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Strategy & Planning

We start by strategizing with you to fully understand the goals of the event – learning the details, understanding the priorities, and defining what will make the event a success in your eyes. Throughout the planning process, we will always make thoughtful and purposeful decisions and put your goals and the guest experience first. Together, we will build a virtual experience that is memorable, easy to navigate, and engaging.

Virtual Build Out

Virtual platforms are the venues of today.  They are powerful tools that can turn your online event into a true virtual experience.  Our team is skilled at identifying the platform with the optimal set of tools to achieve your event goals and using those tools to their fullest. Once a platform is selected, we will carefully craft an environment to fit your needs. There are many design and functionality choices that go into each custom event. 

Platform Selection

We have learned these platforms inside and out so that you don’t have to! Based on your event goals, we work with you to select the best virtual platform to meet your needs. Starting with an in-depth meeting to discuss your agenda, the different functionalities you are looking for, what you want the interface to look like, and so on, we will take you through a comprehensive list of options and help you select the platform that makes the most sense for you.

Platform Functionality

When starting to look at the different virtual event platforms, it may seem a bit overwhelming. There are so many options out there, and it seems they all do very similar things. However, that is actually not the case! Each platform has different capabilities, and the platform you select will be dictated by the functionality you require. For example, if networking is extremely important to you, we might steer you towards a different platform than if a virtual lobby is most important! See below for a list of some of the different features offered.

Enhanced Presentation Environments

We have all become accustomed to seeing speakers in their home office or kitchen, but perhaps for some of your larger sessions, you really want to enhance the experience by having speakers present from a true “stage.” This can be done no matter what platform you select.

Knowing your audience is still critical for virtual events. Corinthian Events can design, implement and manage your digital registration solution. Registration can either be built on the platform you are using for the event, or we can build a separate registration site based on the functionality you need. Whether you require a complex registration with multi-track session selections or basic data collection, our in-house technology and graphic design team has you covered. We can fully brand the registration page to align with the event branding, ensuring the same look and feel is carried through from start to finish.

Digital Registration

& Technology

Speaker Management

Now more than ever, Speaker Management is absolutely crucial when planning a virtual event. This arena is new for everyone, and Corinthian Events will ensure every speaker has all of the details and technology they need to feel completely comfortable presenting in this new fashion.

When hosting a virtual event, it goes a long way for the attendee when you can find a way to break through the screen and engage with your audience. One way to do this is to focus on activating their five senses. By elevating the five senses, attendees will feel more as if they were at the meeting in person versus at home. There are many different approaches to elevating the five senses – the full experience can be customized as well to fit the theme of your event!

Elevating the

Five Senses